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Michael Reagan, American radio host, top-selling author and eldest son of Ronald Reagan, will be the special guest for Republican Assembly candidate Pedro Rios’ gala fundraising dinner Tuesday evening, May 13, in Hanford.
Assemblywoman Shannon Grove is co-hosting the fundraiser along with a number of Kings and Kern counties’ agricultural leaders.

Rios, who nearly defeated Democrat incumbent Rudy Salas in the last election said, “We are confident that we will will this time. I taught American History at Wasco High School for a number of years and I remember that Lincoln was not elected his first try, and Ronald Reagan was not elected his first try, nor was Andy Vidak. We built up a tremendous amount of support last time and came very close to winning. This time we are gaining even more support as more people know me and they have also seen that Rudy Salas cannot keep his promises. Salas has done nothing to deliver any water, nothing to improve our schools, and nothing to stop the continuing expenditure of millions on the high speed rail fiasco. As I walk door-to-door folks are telling me, “we’re going to give you a chance, Pedro. We believe you can do better.

Rios lives in Delano where he as served as Mayor, vice mayor and councilman. Rios started as a field worker at age 15, got his full citizenship because of President Reagan, obtained a college degree in history from California State University, Bakersfield, and served in the Army National Guard for eight years until he began teaching high school history. Rios has owned and operated several agricultural and farming businesses.
Tickets are available for the dinner which will be held at the Hanford Fraternal Hall. Reagan, a recipient of the Victor Award for outstanding sports and humanitarian achievement, will speak about President Reagan’s life and achievements. There will be a VIP reception at 6 p.m., followed by Dinner at 7 p.m. Reservations can be made by calling the campaign at 661-235-3024.

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