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Corcoran High School students are learning to build the video games they spend so much time playing. With the video game business being a multi-billion dollar industry, it goes without saying that video games are no longer simply hobby. Today at CHS, students are being taught how to design, code and review video games.

This brand-new program is designed to take the interest students have already and apply that to career focused education.
“Our students can then take this experience to university or straight to the career field, all thanks to the Career Technical Education Video Game Pathway,” noted Alisa Gomez, who heads the high school’s vocational department.
       The courses they will be taking include topics that cover: the          psychology of video games, game theory, coding, cyber crimes and   gaming application development. These topics are stretched over a total of four courses: history of video games, introduction to video games, game coding, and game application development.
 Students will be exposed to two separate programing languages including C# which is used in conjunction with Unity 3D and Swift which is a brand new programing language from Apple as of 2014. The game coding class is designed to teach students how to program in C# in order to articulate the mechanics of their video games, and to work in Unity 3D which is the game engine that handles the physics, objects and components of their games as well as many AAA titles.
Students who progress to the game application development class will learn how to program in Swift, deploy their games to iPhones and iPads, as well as other Mac products, and will complete a final project that will be designed for the Apple app store.
These students are already on track to accomplish the goals set out by the program instructor Mr. Haché, himself a veteran programmer formerly from the health care industry. The courses are designed to walk the students through the game development lifecycle and to simulate a real world development team environment through group based instructions.
 Ultimately, students are learning team development techniques, technology literacy, game appreciation and programming language proficiency, which can be translated to many career options, post high school. Corcoran High School students have a wealth of untapped potential when it comes to their experience with video games and this Video Game Pathway will see to it that the students learn to harness that potential.
Editor’s note: This is part of a continuing series of articles focusing on Corcoran High School’s Career Technical Education (CTE) program. Classes falling into this curriculum stream range from ag to business to construction to media and more. CHS currently provides seven course pathways in its CTE program.

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