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Local police are looking for a suspicious vehicle that has allegedly been following a student to and from Mark Twain Elementary School.

Law enforcement became aware of the vehicle, which appears to be an older model Ford pick-up truck, when the student reported the incidents, which occurred over a three-day period, both to a parent and to school staff. The student said the pick-up, with its truck bed surrounded by white bars, and with a lawn mower in the back, had been seen by the student both going to and leaving the area of the school. The student was on a bike and said the truck slowly followed the student’s progress.


The student, who was not identified, said a Hispanic male was seen driving, with a Hispanic male passenger. Both the mother and student said they had also seen the pick-up parked in the 1500 block of Chittenden Ave.


The student was not directly approached by the occupants in the pick-up, said police. Nonetheless, they would like to speak to the driver and ask anyone who has seen the vehicle and knows its whereabouts to contact the Corcoran Police Department at 992-5151.


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