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This week’s clues

Corcoran is celebrating is 100th birthday and we’re providing a way for our residents to jump in and join the fun. Plenty of activities will be held throughout 2014 to commemorate the anniversary. Our special treasure hunt has already begun.

Throughout 2014, The Corcoran Journal, in partnership with the city, will encourage local residents to find 100 City of Corcoran stickers that will be placed in 100 different places. Start looking, and get to know your community. All the stickers, which are three inches in diameter, will be fairly easy to spot once participants are in the right place. They will be placed around town on a weekly basis, with clues to their whereabouts.

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Volunteers give Day of Service

Local volunteers gathered Saturday to provide a Day of Service in honor of the city’s 100th anniversary. The Centennial Clean-up included faith-based groups as well as volunteers from offices of elected officials and the city itself.

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