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Law Enforcement

Gang shoot-our leads to arrests

More arrests are expected following a shooting near Mark Twain Elementary School over the Easter Break.

Officers from the Corcoran Police Department responded to the area at about 10:05 p.m., after receiving multiple reports of shots fired to the area. The callers noted that several shots had been fired.

While investigating the incident, local officers learned that two groups of people were involved in the altercation. One group was walking westbound on Oregon Ave. near Cesar Chavez Park and the other was walking eastbound near the front of the school.


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Local thefts on the rise

Corcoran has been experiencing a spike in thefts, many from unlocked vehicles—but also residential burglaries and thefts of vehicles themselves.

Chief of Police Reuben Shortnacy said many of the vehicles are being recovered outside the area.

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Teen killers seminar held

Ever looked into the mind of a teenage killer? Phil Chalmers has, and he was in Corcoran last week to talk to law enforcement and school officials about teen violence.

Chalmers was the presenter at a special full-day seminar hosted in the Technology Learning Center (TLC) by the Corcoran Police Department. Chalmers is one of the nation’s leading authorities on juvenile homicide.

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Learning center is showcased

Learning center is showcased

The Corcoran Journal

County school board association, local police department host events

Corcoran’s new Technology Learning Center (TLC) was showcased twice in the past week, allowing visitors to share in the innovative facility that has become a highlight for the Corcoran Unified School District and the City of Corcoran.

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