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A few have tried it since last week but no one has completed it. Michael Mendoza of Corcoran is still the title holder of the Fat Mike’s Cadillac torta challenge at Napoles Bakery. The torta challenge which includes fries and weighs a total of 4.5 pounds must be finished in 10 minutes. Tuesday, six people from the Corcoran Unified School District tried to complete the challenge but fell short.


Members of the CUSD maintenance and technology departments challenged each other to see who could finish the massive plate of food and those participants included Steve Berry, head of IT at the school district. Berry said they decided to challenge each other after seeing the story in the Corcoran Journal.


“Before I actually saw it I had myself convinced that I could do it,” Berry noted. “But as soon as I took my second bite I knew I was in trouble.”


Berry even quoted Mike Tyson who said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”.


“I had my plan,” Berry quipped.


Although no one completed the challenge in 10 minutes two maintenance department staffers were tied with just 1.9 pounds of food left on their plates. Ivan Hernandez and Laurenzo Sweatt were given an extra five minutes to declare a winner between the two. However, it was tied once again with both of them leaving 1.1 pounds of food on their plates. Neither wanted to continue so a tie was declared.



Mendoza was in attendance watching carefully as the six challengers tried to chip away at the torta burger. The burger consists of five torta burger patties, three servings of ham, six slices of bacon, eight slices of cheese as well as lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, avocado, jalapenos,


mustard and mayo for a total weight of 3.5 pounds. The challenge also includes one pound of fries. All 4.5 pounds must be consumed within 10 minutes. Those who complete the challenge will receive a free t-shirt, do not have to pay for the food and will be able to rename the challenge. Those who attempt the challenge but cannot complete it will have to pay the $15.95 price tag.


Mendoza finished the challenge in seven minutes and 22 seconds. He claimed the record from his friend Michael Nevarez who took the challenge in December of last year and completed it in seven minutes and 29 seconds. Nevarez named the challenge the Nevarez 63454 after his 63 Impala with a 454 engine.


As the latest winner of the challenge, Mendoza explains the reason behind the name.


“I saw the torta and said it’s bigger than my Cadillac,” he commented. “So I named it the Fat Mike’s Cadillac Challenge.”


As for advice to anyone who wishes to complete the challenge.


“Eat the torta first and worry about the fries later,” Mendoza said. “Eat through the pain.”


The Fat Mike’s Cadillac Torta Burger is available to those who don’t want to try the challenge but would like to try the torta. It can easily be shared between 4-6 people.


Napoles is located at 2590 Whitley Avenue behind the mini-mart portion of the store. For more information call the store at 992-3983.



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