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The city is poised to spend almost $450,000 in grant money on transit department projects. The city council approved a resolution last week allowing the transit department to move ahead with the proposal.

The money comes from the Public Transportation Modernization, Improvement and Service Enhancement Account (PTMISEA) bond program. The bond was initially approved in 2006 and included $4 billion statewide. Of that, $3.6 billion was designated for allocation over a 110-year period for public transportation projects that protect the environment and public health, conserve energy, reduce congestion and increase mobility and access.
The money was to be distributed by a formula based on population or revenues to transit operators for capital projects. The City of Corcoran uses PTMISEA funding for transit improvements.
The city has already spent almost three-quarters of a million dollars on its bus wash, a project that was completed a few years ago. The total grant allocation for the City of Corcoran was set at close to $1.076 million in 2008. Currently, $333,416 remains; however, Kings County Area Public Transit has $115,523 left in its grant and has notified local staff that it will give this balance to Corcoran, bringing the local total balance to $448,939.
Since the transit department was transferred from public works to the community development department last year, staff in the community development department has developed a list of small projects and equipment needs, approved by the council at its regular meeting.
That list includes:
–Two new bus lifts at a cost of $40,300;
–New bus flooring, $24,000;
–Resealing and restriping of the bus parking lot, $17,500;
–Repaving the public works parking lot where the buses are parked, $119,000;
–Bus shelter installation, $7,628;
–Electrical for bus shelter with solar system ready, $8,000;
–Depot cameras for inside and outside, $14,200;
–Emergency radio communication for transit and emergency team, $14,000;
–Bullet-proof plexi-glass at the depot, $13,000;
–A new truck for the community development department, $37,000;
–A new vehicle for the transit department, $30,000;
–Five new tablets or laptops for the bus drivers, who now handwrite everything, $7,000;
–Four desktop computers, $5,000. Two will be used by the transit staff at the depot and the other two by account clerks at city hall, who sell Amtrak tickets;
–A portable electric generator for the bus, $1,500;
–A phone system for the transit department, $14,300;
–Diagnostic equipment for buses (including laptop, desktop and training), $35,000;
–Lighting for buses, $1,400;
–Lift certification, $600; and
–A new server for the indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, $8,744.
According to City Manager Dr. Kindon Meik, the list must be approved by the Kings County Association of Governments (KCAG) before making its way to the state for final approval.

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