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The Corcoran Unified School District, Corcoran Chamer of Commerce and the Corcoran Police Department are partnering to provide a local Truancy Free Zone campaign.

“It’s important that people understand that each hour and day a child is at school is essential to his or her future,” noted Superintendent Rich Merlo in announcing the initiative.


The campaign is designed to urge business owners and the public at large to support attendance at local schools. Anyone who sees a student they think should be at school, but is not, is asked to call the school district office.


According to the district, studies show that the longer students stay in regular school attendance, the greater likelihood they will gain a qualification and have employment options in the future. Youth who miss school or are late to school, however, are frequently at an increased risk of a host of social and economic challenges.


“We want to work with students, families and community to address the underlying reasons for non-attendance and also work outside mainstream channels to engage with young people and their families,” noted Merlo.


If this can be accomplished, he added that the students are more likely to be positively engaged in the community, now and in the future.


As part of the program, Officer Augustus, the school resources officer; Esteban Velasquez, the school district’s attendance coordinator; and Angela Garcia, the district’s parent liaison, will work with the students and their parents to help them back into regular attendance.


For more information, or to report a truant student, call the district office at 992-8888 extension 1200.


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