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The Kings County Fire Department is joining the City of Corcoran in calling for local property owners to be prompt in cutting down weeds that have sprouted due to recent storms.

Kevin Tromborg, the city’s community development director, said although he no longer had a code enforcement officer, others in his department will be picking up the slack to cite properties that do not take care of the problem. He will also depend on residents to take care of their properties.


“Weeds are really bad this year and they are popping up all over,” he noted. “Pretty soon, with the drought, they will dry up and make a real fire hazard.”


The fire department noted that the county also has a property maintenance ordinance that requires abatement of the weeds.


“Grass fires burn with great heat and intensity and spread very quickly to structures, vehicles, fences and adjoining properties,” noted Fire Chief Bill Lynch.


The city will be sending out letters and citations to property owners who need to address weed abatement problems, along with citations. Should the problem not be addressed within 30 days—and the city notified of the correction—the city will send a contractor in to take care of the job and the property owner will be billed.


The city’s property maintenance ordinance will also allow staff to address additional issues as they receive complaints or as city staff perceives a problem, said Tromborg.


Tromborg said the city can help with vehicle abatement. Any residents who have a vehicle they want to be rid of can contact the city to have it hauled away. If city personnel see an abandoned vehicle on a property, the city can tag that vehicle, leading to a fine.


He also wanted to take the opportunity to remind residents that parking on lawns is not allowed under city zoning code. That infraction can lead to a citation.


The zoning code requires that all trash cans be kept out of public view. They are to be brought out for refuse pick-up only, then stored out of sight per property maintenance regulations.


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