1040 Whitley Ave., Corcoran CA 93212   |   Phone: (559) 992-3115

A Corcoran woman was recently arrested for selling optometry lenses without a prescription or license via social media and the local police department is warning local residents against such purchases.

Officers from the department purchased the lenses from Nancy Rodriguez, 27, who was arrested and cited to appear in court. The purchase was made in the 900 block of Dairy Ave.


Police said that the purchase of contact lenses, including non-prescription cosmetic lenses, by other than a licensed optometrist is a health risk. According to the California State Board of Optometry, there have been several cases where permanent damage has been done to the eyes. Some problems the board has noted include eye infections scratched corneas, permanent eye tissue damage and impaired vision.


Contact lenses, including those that are non-prescription, are made in different sizes and from different materials, which can lead to the issues noted by the board.


The public is urged to contact the Corcoran Police Department by phone at 992-5151 or the California Board of Optometry at 916-575-7170 and report any illegal sales of contact lenses, whether prescription or non-prescription.


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